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Are you a word game enthusiast like million others and can spend hours in unscrambling them without any pause? Then, Word Unscrambler is undoubtedly for you. People who find word game amusing are from different age group be it Kids, adults or older people. Word games not just improve your knowledge about words but also improve your mental functioning like concentration and faster analyzing.

There are thousands of scrambling games available over the internet which you can enjoy playing either solo or against someone. Different online sites where you can enjoy these games either free or paid service. They include zapak.com, mindgames.com, pogo.com, makeuseof.com and many others like them. There are also available on social media platform like Facebook where it is Free. These are Word Finder and Scramble.

Moreover, many people ardently play scrambling and word puzzle but unable to score well.  If you also want to raise your score, then you must check out Word Unscrambler. With Word Unscrambler you can solve even the most complicated scrambling problem in no time. No matter what alphabets are present in your scrambling set, getting its valid answers are now a piece of cake. In just seconds of time, this online tool will analyze all the character and provide you the exact solution. So, to make your scrambling game on point and add more fun to it Word Unscrambler is what you should try.

Using Word Unscrambler to Unscramble the Words

word unscrambler

Perhaps you are thinking of using this tool, let me tell you that it is one of the most straightforward tools available online. It has a user-friendly interface which is one prominent reason for its being easy to use. It enables you to scramble any alphabet set that should consist of a maximum of 12 letters in them. Moreover, you can access Word Unscrambler anywhere. The online tool will function on every device be it PC, laptop, tablet or any other device with the condition of internet connections.

For using this tool, you should make sure that your internet is working. Now how to use this tool for finding possible word list. For that, you have to visit Word Unscrambler and type down the letter set of which you want to see the answer in the specified boxes. After completing your typing press the Unscramble button given there in blue color. Now it will take a second or two to analyze the letter set, and then it will show you all the results. Undoubtedly, the result set is complete since it shows all the possible words formed from the given set. By that we mean, even if the combination is containing 12 letters, the result will range from the smallest to the longest word possible. So, you have 2-letter word, 3-letter word, 4-letter word and simultaneously 12-letter word. Select the best fitting word from the list and score points in the game.

How to filter the result of Word Unscrambler

Once realizing how easy and quick it is to unscramble any combination using Word Unscrambler, you all excited to experience this tool as soon as possible. However, some of you after viewing the results might think that some words are missing from the list. But it is not the case, and you can quickly fix this problem. There are two ways to fix it.

The first thing you can do here is setting the dictionary. Here you will find two type dictionaries. The first one is the SOWPODS and the second one is TWL06. From these two dictionaries, you have to select the suitable one. The TWL06 is a US/Canadian dictionary which encloses up to 178691 words in them. On the contrary, the SOWPODS is a UK dictionary which has slightly more words in them that amount to 267751 words. Hence, if the Word Unscrambler result list does not satisfy you, switch your dictionary to the other one and get expanded word list.

Meanwhile, all those who want specific word unscrambling results but unable to get it, here is what you can do. At the time of accessing the possible words, adjust the prefix and suffix features. You can find the prefix and suffix features present in the advanced option. Type down what specific character you want in the beginning or at the end of the result. The Word Scrambler will eventually reduce or filter out the list to show the words you are searching. So that means finding any particular letter in scrambling is no more a task for you. And now you are all set to challenge any word geek. Accurately fill up the letter combination and let this online tool do its work.

What is the quickest way to Unscramble Word?

Often, scrambling or any such word games tends to boost your vocabulary. In case you are a newbie and facing a little tricky in unscrambling words, Word Unscrambler is there for you. The method of using it is as simple as ABC. This tool will search thoroughly from the dictionary of its and showcases many words in the solution list. You will get amazed to see so many answers from that one combination. Simultaneously you will learn many new words. The length of the combination set does not matter here. One can even solve a 12letter straight combination in a few seconds.

Will Word Unscrambler work on my smartphone?

One can readily use Word Unscrambler on their smartphone without any difficulty. The User-interface of this tool is quite simple that allow it to work smoothly on any device. It is a significant advantage as in today’s time a lot of people play scrambling games on their smartphones. Thus, no matter you have an android or iOS on your phone, you can freely access this tool.

Is it possible to cheat on Scramble?                   

Well, many people look for cheating tricks in such games. But why to cheat when there is such a fantastic tool to help you out. At the time, you can’t figure out the word, instantly open Word Unscrambler and enter your letter-combination set. In just a blink of eyes, this witty tool will do the work.

Word Unscrambler Video Tutorial